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Lee Ann Shenkman, Attorney at Law is here to help you plan for your future, however near or far away it is. Our clients include college students, young families and retirees. No matter what stage of life you're at, it's never too early or too late to sit down with an estate planning attorney in Soquel, CA & surrounding areas.

Trust Lee Ann Shenkman, Attorney at Law to help you feel assured and comfortable by arranging your estate the way you want. Your wishes are unique. That's why we don't use boiler plate plans. Count on us to create customized estate planning documents based on your needs and desires.

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Estate planning made simple

Estate planning can sound overwhelming, but Lee Ann Shenkman, Attorney at Law makes the process easy. Our estate planning services include…

Long-term care planning: Set up a trusted power of attorney in case you ever become incapacitated.
Creating a special needs trust: Provide for your most vulnerable loved ones by establishing a special needs trust.
Drafting a pet trust: If you want to know with certainty that your pet will be in good hands after your death, you need a carefully crafted pet trust.

A probate attorney can help you avoid high estate taxes and lengthy probate court delays.
Are you bedridden or hospitalized? Don’t worry about making it to our law firm in Soquel, California. An estate planning attorney will visit you in the hospital to finalize your wishes.

Start planning the rest of your life

Writing a will shouldn't be a troubling process. Lee Ann Shenkman, Attorney at Law can help you create a plan for your future that will make you look forward to it. Make sure your future, your family's future and even your pet's future is bright. Call our Soquel, CA & surrounding areas office to start writing a will as soon as possible.