Our Process for Creating Your Estate Plan

Our Process for Creating Your Estate Plan

Upon contacting the Law Office of Lee Ann Shenkman, Attorney at Law, via phone or email, you will receive a prompt response to schedule an appointment. You will receive a questionnaire to fill out to the best of your ability. It prepares you well for your first appointment with Lee Ann Shenkman.

First Appointment: Initial Consultation

During your first meeting, Lee Ann Shenkman will listen to your needs, plans and goals. She will explain to you the legal services that best match your circumstance and make a final determination with you about the route you would like to take. Lee Ann Shenkman will answer all your questions so that you understand the services she is providing.

Second Meeting: Document Review

After your first meeting, Lee Ann Shenkman will provide you with a draft of your assembled estate plan and schedule a second appointment. During your second appointment, she will walk through the documents with you and answer all your questions. If changes need to be made to the documents, she will update them for you after this meeting. If no changes need to be made, your documents will be finalized and provided to you for signature.

Third Meeting: Document Signing

If changes were required at the second meeting, Lee Ann Shenkman will schedule a follow up appointment with you to review your finalized estate plan. Her process is simple and clear for you, and she works with you every step of the way to make certain you feel comfortable and satisfied.