Our Process for Creating Your Estate Plan

Our Process for Creating Your Estate Plan

First Meeting: The Initial Consultation & Design Meeting

During this first meeting, Lee Ann Shenkman Attorney at Law will spend an hour to an hour and a half with you. She will explain what an estate plan is and each of the documents, the purpose of each document, and the role of your agents and successor trustees. After listening to your needs, plans and goals, Lee Ann Shenkman will make estate planning recommendations for the design of your plan which is specific to you and best meet your needs.

Second Meeting: Document Review

At this meeting, Lee Ann Shenkman, Attorney at Law will provide you with a draft of each of your documents and she will explain and discuss each document with you. You will then take the draft documents home with you to read more thoroughly. After you have had time to review the documents, Lee Ann Shenkman will make the changes to the documents which you would like made.

Third Meeting: Document Signing

This is the document signing meeting. After you have signed your documents, she will discuss with you how to transfer appropriate assets to your trust and she will provide written instructions on how to complete this process. You are encouraged to call Lee Ann Shenkman if, during the asset transfer process, you have asset transfer questions or any other questions concerning your estate plan.