Lee Ann gave a presentation at UCSC and she commanded the subject so I knew I would have no problem obtaining the expertise I needed.

Lynne S.

I had lots of questions and they were all answered to my satisfaction. I'm excited to finally have a will In place. Lee Ann was easy to talk with, unlike other attorneys I have dealt with. She's great!

Colette C.

She was clear and concise, and understood what needed to be done to update my trust.

Kathryn H.

Clear, concise, and professional. She knew the options to best serve our needs, and helped us get the job done.

Tamara C D.

Clear instructions; she took the extra step to email us documents before our meeting so we could review first; she was excellent about answering our questions and making sure we were clear and satisfied with the answer. And of course the end result of having the legal documents we needed.

Linda R.

Got everything I needed for trust and other documents in just two visits. And, she made it enjoyable and informative as well as very useful.

Wendy B.

She scheduled a meeting with us and clearly explained the entire process for a trust and will.

Meredith D.

She sent me forms ahead of time so that I was prepared for the meeting. She was approachable and very easy to work with. She explained things that I didn't understand and made it accessible. I left feeling like I was In good hands. It was a little hard to schedule with her but once we met things flowed.

Erin R.

She brought up some good points and made suggestions to incorporate into my trust. Very impressed with her quick responses to emails.

Frances P.

She was knowledgeable, provided information relevant to my needs, and walked me through the steps I needed to take to execute all of my estate planning documents.

Tamara C D.

She has helped me with estate issues: trust, wills, power of attorney. She has met all my needs!

John S.

Lee Ann was extremely knowledgeable, professional and competent. I felt very comfortable asking questions and was happy with the final result. I would highly recommend Lee Ann to anyone needing attorney services.

Linda K.

She provided useful info and guidance.

Margaret M.

The attomey that was assigned, Lee Ann Shenkman, was knowledgeable, courteous and friendly. Lee Ann made me aware of details I had yet to think of and was willing to assist me with my specific requirements.

Dennis D.

I learned about ways that I could create estate planning documents that were specific to my situation and my desires, unlike a lot of online information which tends to be more black & white in options.

Lynda P.

The attorney provided the forms and information I needed. She was professional and seemed to genuinely care about my issue. I can't think of any way she did not meet the needs I went to her for.

Gary C.

She inspires confidence, and seems very attentive, knowledgeable, and competent.

Rebecca B.

Lee Ann is a most ethical and knowledgeable attorney...I recommend her most highly.

Seamas M.

She was efficient and effective. She was knowledgable and friendiy. She invited future questions, which was reassuring.

Marie L.

Lee Ann Shenkman is an honest, thoughtful lady. She listened to my situation and offered great advice. Of which she helped me and my husband. She kept an open mind and was always friendly. I have been a repeat customer. My experiences have been great, I highly recommend!

Michelle T.

Warm, sincere, knowledgable, helpful, available, flexible, reliable. No negatives whatsoever.

Jennifer B.

Once I contacted her for my legal matter, she was very responsive and scheduled an appointment as soon as possible.

Eiko L.